Ram Kumar Sunkara

Ram Kumar Sunkara
Co-Chairman of R & D Centre of the Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers Of India

Ram Kumar Sunkara, Chairman of R & D Centre of the Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers Of India

Ram Kumar Sunkara, a Master’s degree holder in Physics from Mumbai University, has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of boxes, paper tubes, paper bags, and paper. He has also obtained several certificates in relevant fields such as product testing and development, paper machine operations, secondary fiber recycling, kraft pulping, and paper machine auditing.

He has served as a member of various committees, including the Governing Body of the Indian Institute of Packaging and the Corrugated Board Technical Service Committee of TAPPI, USA. He currently holds the position of Chairman of the R&D Committee at Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India (FCBM)  and the Research Advisory Board at Western India Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association (WICMA)

Ram Kumar has published numerous papers in FCBM conferences, FCBM Journal “Corrugator,” and “Packaging Today.” He has also published collections of presentations on topics such as the fundamentals of compression strength of corrugated boxes and management of packaging materials.

Throughout his career, he has worked as a lecturer at Mumbai University, product development assistant in Conley Containers, Philadelphia, USA, and Technical Director at the Brown Group, Mumbai. He started his own consulting firm in 2004 to provide packaging solutions. He has also served as Director for Technical for several companies, including Brown Kraft Industries Limited, Brown Paper Technologies Limited, and Bhargavi Paper Industries.

Ram Kumar has undertaken several projects, including the installation and commissioning of more than 100 automatic plants for the manufacturing of corrugated boxes in India and the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of India’s first fully automatic square fiber drum and DTY paper tubes manufacturing units.