K. Panthala Selvan

K. Panthala Selvan
K. Panthala Selvan Founder & Managing Director Pressman – Center for Print Excellence

Panthala K. Selvan a Gold Medallist in Diploma Printing Technology, 1999 went on to secure Bachelor’s degree in Printing Engg. & Graphics Communication, 2003 from PVG’s COET, University of Pune and also completed Post Graduation ( Master in Engineering)in Printing Engineering in 2022.

Today, a successful Entrepreneur, Founder & Managing Director for Pressman Solutions started on 1st Jan 2010 with Corporate Office located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA. Pressman Solutions is the authorised dealers for various prepress / Press related softwares and Techkon spectrodensitometers.

Pressman Solutions has developed various verticals to support Printing industry.

Education and standardization is done bh PAPER ( Pressman Academy for Print Education and Research)

Trainings and Print Quality Certification done by Pressman Center for Print Excellence ( Learn by doing center). Various training programs in Prepress , Press , Quality , Ink Kitchen , color management, G7 trainings are done here. We also do Packaging developments, Print quality evaluation programs here.

Idealliance South Asia : G7 Expert trainings and G7 Qualifications for various Printing companies are done by Idealliance South Asia. We are one of the 12 Global offices of Idealliance, US.

We are offerings various training, standardization programs across South & South East Asia, Middle East regions.