Ajit Rama Varma
Chairman & Managing Director,
Maspack Limited 

Mr. Ajit R Varma, who serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of Maspack Ltd. As a second-generation entrepreneur, he has witnessed the remarkable evolution of Pulp Moulding Technology, from its origins in egg packaging during backyard farming days to its current applications in creating intricate 3D products for cell phones and various devices.

Here are the key strengths of our company:

  1. Pulp Moulding Plants: Maspack Ltd. is a specialist in the design of Pulp Moulding Plants. We place a strong emphasis on Process Engineering and Equipment Design to ensure top-notch performance.
  2. Pulp Moulded Protective Packaging: Our company excels in providing Pulp Moulded Protective Packaging and Solutions across diverse industries, including Home Appliances, Industrial, Chemical, Medical, Horticulture, and more.

With a wealth of experience spanning over three decades in Pulp Moulding design, we are committed to achieving excellence on a global scale, both in our products and equipment. Maspack Ltd. has established its presence in 32 countries and is actively pursuing certifications to cater to more mature markets in Europe and North America.

Mr. Ajit R Varma is an esteemed member of the Chamber of Commerce and a valued participant in the TIE, Kochi Chapter. At Maspack Ltd., we are dedicated to the cause of sustainable packaging and are actively pioneering innovations in the realm of eco-friendly packaging solutions and products.

Awards and Recognition

Mr. Ajit R Varma received the Outstanding Exporter award from Engineering Export Promotion Council (Ministry of Commerce)