Amit Singh Bawa

Amritpal Singh Bawa
India Business Consultant, Scodix Ltd Isarel

Amritpal Singh Bawa, a renowned Digital Print Enhancement Expert represents Scodix in India. He has held various positions in National and International companies has made a difference with his pioneering work in the print business and production workflow. Bawa is a prominent leader for Scodix in Asia. He is associated with all of Scodix’s activities in the region providing expertise and support. He is passionate about the digital print revolution and a strong advocator for bringing the versatility of digital to the finishing embellishment.

He has a 23 years history with a demonstrated ability in developing strategic positioning both in business development and product marketing to build a print business to override their business aspirations.
Bawa lives in Chandigarh with his wonderful family. When he isn’t traveling and making a difference to print production he dedicates his passions to volunteering and community involvement, travelling, music, marketing and art.