Arif Shaikh
Parksons Cartamundi

Arif Shaikh is an experienced and accomplished sales professional who brings over 18 years of expertise to his role. He has a wealth of experience across various industries, including KPOs, e-commerce, software, and printing, with a particular focus on the manufacturing of toys, card games, and board games. Throughout his career, Arif has been instrumental in new business development and has a talent for creating innovative solutions for product development.

In his role as a sales professional at ParksonsCartamundi, Arif has excelled in the toys and games industry. He has been highly successful in bringing on new business from leading publishers such as Hasbro and Ginger Fox. He has also been closely involved in new developments, working with small, medium-sized, and new publishers to help bring their ideas to market.

In addition to his publishing experience, Arif has also been working with some of the largest FMCG and Alcobev companies, providing promotional merchandise for consumer and brand promotional activities. He has been closely involved in every stage of the product journey, from ideation to NPD and mass production, working closely with brand teams to support their marketing goals. Arif has also built a strong network with casinos in Goa, Sikkim and Nepal and has been working with majority of the Casinos catering to their playing cards and gaming needs. He has a strong interest in printing and games and a good understanding of the casino business.