Mohit Kumar
Chief Visionary Officer & Co-Founder
EcosurePulpmolding Technologies Limited
  • An environmental enthusiast and social ecopreneur & passionate about Eliminating single-use plastic using molded fiber products.
  • Deeply committed to developing eco-friendly sustainable Technologies to produce cellulose fiber using chemical-free processes for agro waste such as rice straw, sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, etc.
  • First to produce molded fiber packaging using reclaimed fiber from UBC( used beverage cartons)- aseptic packaging
  • First to set up 15TPD pulp mill using GREENFIB – ETMP process for converting wheat straw into cellulosic fiber to produce molded fiber packaging
  • Life member of the Indian Pulp & Paper Technical Association (IPPTA). He has also obtained several certificates in relevant fields such as Pulp and Paper Technology, pulp molding machine manufacturing, and Pulp and recovery Fiber.
  • Published numerous papers at various conferences, and Pulp & Paper Packaging Journal. He has also published collections of presentations on topics such as “Sustainable Fiber Technologies to convert Agro waste into cellulosic fiber pulp Suitable for molded Fiber Packaging.
  • Part of aindo –Thai Joint venture, FTF Candia Fiber Mold Packaging (Thailand) Company Limited, offers turnkey solutions by producing chemical-free enzymatic cellulosic fiber (GREEN fib technology) from various types of agro waste by using green fiber technology.