Neha Jain
CEO, Zerocircle

Neha Jain, a Google alum and a second-time entrepreneur, is the CEO and founder of Zerocircle. With a journalism background, she began her career at Google in 2006 and spent 15 successful years as a marketer and scaled technology-led businesses. Neha’s experience, both at Google and in her previous entrepreneurial venture, Fly by Knight, reflects her consistent focus on creating innovative, technologically sound product-driven solutions.

Her journey led her to recognize the pressing issues of climate change and pollution couldn’t be solely addressed through engineering and consumer choices. In 2020, Neha founded Zerocircle, where a diverse team of experts are creating sustainable plastic and paper alternatives from seaweed, while also promoting biodiversity and green job creation. Her work has garnered recognition, including the prestigious Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize and other grants and awards, including a global innovation award by the United Nations. In just three years, Zerocircle has emerged as a leading force in the cleantech industry, poised to transform the materials landscape.